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Turn your concrete floor into a feature

Polished concrete floors are commonly used in areas where you want the floors natural beauty exposed, and this effect is achieved through the grinding and polishing of the concrete floor. Generally speaking, the more aggregate (stone) that you wish to have exposed in the floor, the deeper the grind needs to be before polishing. By using a carefully selected stone mix when laying your concrete floors you will be able to easily control the look you are going for, and will be able to create a rich tapestry of possibilities. Some people have used materials such as glass and metals when creating their floors to give the floor even more character and a totally unique appearance.

If you already have your concrete flooring in place and would like to polish the concrete, please keep in mind that you will not be able to control the look of the flooring, as the process will be limited to the aggregate already included in the floor as well as the color of the concrete that was used when laying the floor. We can assist you with the laying of a new floor to help ensure that you get the polished concrete floors that you want.

Part of our polishing process includes fixing existing cracks or damage to your concrete floor to give the finished product a smooth glossy look. There are a few finishing options available, each suitable for different applications and usage. We cover the concrete finishing options in the Polished Concrete Types page on this site.

Polished concrete floors come with a host of benefits that add to their appeal.

Low maintenance – A polished concrete floor will last for a very long time and all that is needed to keep the floor clean is the occasional mild soapy water  wash. Concrete floors that make use of a sealer to give it a glossy look will need to be cared for a little more, but will still last you a long time.

Durable – Polished concrete offers durability, good dent and scratch resistance and due to the hardening/waterproofing process involved in creating the floor, will resist chipping, staining and water damage.

Great Value For Money– When comparing the cost of various flooring options open to you and the maintenance intervals of each option, polished concrete floors rise to the top as the best value for money, and the long term savings on maintenance and repairs speak for themselves.

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The Polished Concrete Flooring team

Our team has expertise in grinding, polishing and repairing concrete floors in a variety of settings, from outdoor slabs to commercial buildings and residential houses in and around Gauteng.

We offer polished concrete flooring solutions to homes, offices, commercial operations such as restaurants and more and no matter what your flooring requirements are, we have a solution to fit your needs. As part of the Sibuza Flooring family, we have a great heritage and you can be sure that our floors are high quality, on time, and on budget. Learn more about us here

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